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Swim Spa, Excercise Pool, Luxury Hot Tub

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Brand: Vivendi


  • Lounger seat with stainless steel hydrotherapy jets, all with internal LED's creating an awesome evening effect
  • Four seats room for FOUR people to share
  • Powerful variable control propeller system- Unique to Vivendi Swimspas
  • Controls to adjust the power of the swimming jets
  • Standing massage corners, an alternative to the seats, again with their own internal LED's

Publisher: Etranspire Ltd

Details: A swim spa is not only a swimming pool that can be used all year round, but a pool that you'd want to use, even in the winter months. The water temperature inside a swim spa can be set and adjusted in much the same way as a hot tub, and with a dedicated hot tub section at one end, you get all the features associated with a regular spa, but with an additional benefit only a swim spa could provide. Swimspas, sometimes referred to as "endless pools" are becoming a popular alternative to swimming pools, and have many advantages, not least the cost involved. They are easy to install, no planning permission is required, no diggers and no contractors. Your new spa simply cranes into place and is ready to fill. The main advantage however has got to be the spas ability to create a strong current from one end. This resistance is created using a series of powerful jets and pumps, and can be easily adjusted to match the power of your swimming stroke. The adjustment is made simply by the turn of a dial, and in doing so effectively makes the swimming distance infinite, hence the name - endless pool. Gone is the need for turning around every three or four strokes, now you simply swim until you are tired, and when that happens you have tough choice, retire to the raised sunbathing platform, or relax into the seats for a massage? Please note that this product is warehoused out of UK and may take upto 28 to 42 days upon completion of purchase

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The Swim Spa, Excercise Pool, Luxury Hot Tub was built with people like you in mind. Something to keep you happy. Every. Single. Day.

Inventory Last Updated: Jan 22, 2020

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