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Solar Lights, Mpow 20 LED Motion Sensor Security Lights, Home Security Solar Lights 3-in-1 Wireless Weatherproof Outside Sensor Lights for Pathway, Garden, Pool, Walkway, Driveway

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Brand: Mpow

Color: Black


  • 【3 Smarter Sensor Modes for Your Diverse Needs】 With the old version, there was only one mode of operation. Now with this new version, you can choose 3 different ways for the solar light to operate based on your needs.
  • 【More Efficient Solar Panel & Fast Charging】 The LED solar panel has been updated to a laminate version which is more efficient at converting the sunlight into battery charging power. Mpow motion sensor light also has a life expectancy three times longer than the original epoxy board design.
  • 【Brighter with Larger Coverage】 The 20 LED lights are now bigger than before and it is far brighter than other similar lights on the market. Despite being brighter the lamp duration has been increased by more than 2 hours due to the battery capacity being increased from 600mAh to 1500mAh.
  • 【Improved Waterproofness】 As this solar light is designed to be used outdoors it may be exposed to rain. To improve the product life, there are now two separate seals between the internals and the back case. Therefore the Mpow light is more durable and weatherproof than ever before.
  • 【Improved movement sensor range】 The PIR motion sensor has been updated so that it can detect people as far away as 26 feet!PLEASE NOTE: If the sunlight is not strong, the battery may not be fully charged, so the lighting time and brightness will compromise.

Publisher: Mpow

Details: Mpow Solar Security Light, Brighten Your Way Home!

3 Intelligent Modes of Operation
★Strong Long Light Mode★
The solar light will turn on automatically at night.
★Dim Light Sensor Mode★
When people go through the light sensoring area, the light will be strong. And the light will turn to dim after people leave the induction area.
★Strong Light Sensor Mode★
When people go through the sensoring area, the light will be strong. And the light will turn off after people leave the induction area.

The light can be extended for 15s after inducted.
Apply with repeated tigger induction function,start timing with the last induction.

Brighter Lights Last Longer
This Mpow light is now equipped with 20 bigger LED lights, which is far more brighter than other similar LED lights in the market. And what is more, we increase the battery capacity from 600mAh to 1500mAh ,thus getting some two more hour duration.

Better Sensor Ballhead
When received this Mpow Solar LED Light, you will find distinct difference compared to its previous version or similar lights in the market, We update the PIR motion sensor and ray sensor, so it becomes more powerful that it can detect people within 26 feet !

Phenomenal Overall Quality
To improve the waterproof level, we now add two layers, tightly sealed inner loop to its back case,hence, this Mpow light becomes more durable and weatherproof.And we also update the solar panel, thus getting a high-efficient, frosted,anti-scratch solar panel.

▲Before the first use, please make sure the solar light can be charged with sufficient sunlight for 8 hours.
▲When the battery is exhausted, switch off the light first, and then recharge it with sufficient sunlight for 2-3 days.

The solar light should be installed in places where sufficient sunshine is available.

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