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Lay-Z-Spa 196 x 196 x 71 cm Palm Springs Hydrojet Hot Tub, Inflatable Spa, 4-6 Person

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Brand: Lay-Z-Spa

Color: grey


  • Relax & Unwind in your very own fully functional hot tub
  • HydroJet massage system - eight powerful flow adjustable and directional water jet nozzles
  • Portable inflatable, this hot tub comfortably fits four to six people
  • Rapid heating system heats water up to a blissful 40 Degree Celsius
  • Timer controlled eating setting - activate the heater to suit your schedule

Publisher: Wilton Bradley

Release Date: 2016-01-01

Details: The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs HydroJet is a perfect hot tub for those looking for absolute relaxation and sanctuary. A water jet massage system alongside a hassle-free water treatment system gives you all of the comfort, ease and relaxation that a traditional hot tub provides, at a fraction of the price. Ready to fill with water in just ten minutes, the Palm Springs HydroJet holds up to 6 adults and includes the following high-spec features: 8 HydroJets Massage System The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs HydroJet is engineered with the brand new HydroJet water massage system. Lie back and let the powerful 8 flow-adjustable and directional water jets massage your skin and send your mind and body into deep relaxation mode. Simply twist to adjust the flow rate to your desired level and pivot the nozzle to direct the water jet wherever you wish. 40C° Rapid Heating System The Rapid Heating System heats the spa water up to a blissful 40 degrees Celsius. The Lay-Z-Spa Palm Springs HydroJet includes an insulating, inflatable top lid, an exterior cover with double lock safety clips and a bubble mat, all which help to insulate and protect your spa when it is not in use. Easy to set up, no tools required Requiring no professional installation or tools, the Palm Springs HydroJet spa can be erected and filling up with water in just 10 minutes! Durable & Comfortable TriTech Construction Designed with a sturdy TriTech construction, the Palm Springs HydroJet offers both durability and a soft cushioning structure to relax into. Its soft, insulating floor ensures that from start to finish, your Lay-Z-Spa experience becomes your daily escape from the world. Trouble-Free Water Treatment System The integrated ClearSoft Water Treatment System means you now have a choice between Clearwater Spa Chemicals or the Palm Spring HydroJet's built-in Salt Chlorinator System to keep your spa water clean, safe and comfortable.

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EAN: 6942138933277

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