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Key Lock Box, [Wall Mounted]Diyife Combination Key Safe Storage Lock Box for for Home Garage School Spare House Keys

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Brand: Diyife

Color: Grey1


  • 【Double-Walled Construction】flush-mount impact-resistant access cover are impervious to hammering, sawing or prying. Confidently place the keys to your kingdom in our Key Safe.【Method 1】:Installed on the wall【Method 2】:Installed on the peephole
  • 【4-Digit Combination Dials 】let you customize your own access code. Attached hinged cover allows for 1-handed operation. Instruction guide takes your through steps to re-set your access code at any time.【 In addition, there is an U wire in key lock box which is helpful for unlocking. Be careful that it may fall out.】
  • 【Rust-Resistant Steel 】is suitable for outdoor use. Outer dimensions: 4.72" x 3.26" x 1.37". Your Key Safe has a weatherproof, sliding shutter cover to protect the combination dials from the elements
  • 【Large & Secure Storage】 for up to 5 house keys or 3 large keys. Prevent lock-outs and provide access to your property by health aides, service technicians and pet sitters when you are at work or on vacation. Perfect solution storing keys for AirBnB rentals.【Note】After the password is reset, it is best to take a photo record or record it with a note to prevent you from forgetting your your password. This is a very serious problem. Many guests have responded to it. Hope to draw your attention!
  • 【Easy To Install】All necessary mounting hardware is included: 4 screws and 4 nylon expanding wall anchors to ensure that the Key Safe can be mounted on any solid surface.【 Installation Method】1.Open the box inside there will be 4 holes in the back of the box. 2.Hold the box to the wall and Mark position of holes with a pencil. 3.Using a drill with a masonry drill bit drill holes into wall. 4.Place plastic ramp plugs into the wall. 5.Place box against wall then screw in the provided screws.

Publisher: Diyife


Make your home accessible to trusted friends and family

With our 4-Digit Combination Key Safe Lock Box you never have to leave work because school was dismissed early for weather, or because your in-laws showed-up on a whim. This durable, wall-mounted key box can be affixed to any solid surface, indoors or out, to make up to 5 keys available to those who you trust with your access code.

Weather-resistant and impenetrable

The steel construction of our Key Box makes it non-corrosive and weather-resistant. It won't freeze and crack or rust. A weatherproof shutter cover slides over the 4 combination dials is to shield them from rain, snow and ice. The hinged access cover stays connected to the box so there is no 2-handed fumbling, and its' flush mount adds impact resistance. No amount of sawing or prying will gain access the key compartment. When you or a loved one needs access, though, the process couldn't be easier. Anyone, young or old, can deftly turn the combination dials. Choose your own pass code, or one that a caretaker or service tech can remember; there are more than 10,000 possibilities, making it even more difficult to guess a combination.

Installs in mere minutes

You'll want to use your Key Safe right away so we include all mounting hardware. Holes are pre-drilled on the back of the key box for your convenience. Your Key Safe can be installed on drywall, steel doors, fence posts and more. You can even mount one near the newspaper box. The roomy key compartment has plenty of room for subscription money.
You can have security AND convenience when you add the Wall Mount Key Safe Lock Box with 4-Digit Combination to your cart today.
Package Included:
1 x [Wall Mounted]Diyife Combination Key Safe Storage Lock Box
4 x Screw
4 x Expansion plug
1 x Instruction

We provide a 45 days money back and 12-month worry-free service

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