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Interline 50700220 Bali Round Swimming Pool including Accessories, Multi-Colour, 5.30 m

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Brand: Interline

Color: Multi-Colour


  • including sand filter set, filtering sand, liner, skimmer set, corner joints , sub-liner and pool ladder
  • Built by stacking the wooden beams
  • The walls of the swimming pool are 45 mm thick
  • Warranty: 3 years on the liner and 5 years on the pool

Publisher: Interline

Details: 'The Interline pool "Bali is a quality luxury pool for the whole family. This swimming pool is available as a on/Erdeinbau a pool.
With a Interline Bali pool did you for years of enjoyment in the water.
'Interline has not only the best "Nordic Pine for you chosen, but also a simple and robust construction system. Therefore it is the Interline Bali pool Easy to assemble and it offers at least 10 years enjoyable bathing experience.
The wood of the "Nordic Pine of the INTERLINE Bali is known for its use (Class 4). Even in a damp environment, it is wood over many years in an ideal condition. The wooden beams are first tumble dried on a 18% up to 22% making it possible to preparation is in use, these with class 4. Class 4 is a vacuum pressure impregnated, where the wash-in textile pressure deep into the wood is pressed.
The wooden beams are chrome-free with a. An additional advantage of this long lasting treatment is that it does not required is the wood Anzustreichen and this is also good for the environment. In addition, the wood is FSC - Certified.
The basin partitions have a thickness of 45 mm with a unique insulation and have a long season. You will also receive a piece of 0.7 mm strong high-quality adhesive included to complete the perfect features your swimming pools.
The Interline Bali made from is fitted by simply stacking of vorkonfektionierten Pine Bohlen.
The tongue and groove if you look at the screen from the bottom and top of the beams for optimum grip to the water pressure. When the side is oval pool will water pressure for Galvanisierten H - Steel beams. The ends of the bar are beautifully finished, this creates a wonderful welcome to the pool side. This method is also used for coating the steel 'H' profile.

EAN: 8717624305832

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