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  • Water volume: 1230 l Dimensions: 218 x 218 x 88 cm Weight: 345 Kg 3 seats 2 loungers Water jets Air Jets 1 LED light Aromatherapy 1 Ozone generator Digital control FM/USB Radio
  • Device Quantity Power consumption (kW/h) Pump 2 hp 2 1,5 x 2 Pump for the circulation 1 0,4 Blower 1 0,8 Control panel with heater 1 3,0 Ozone generator 1 0,01 Light 1 0,02 FM/MP3 Radio 1 0,02
  • The hot tub panels Different colors give to the hot tub the prestige and warmth of wood: Grey, Red, Coffee and Teak able to tune into any decor, material and style. Hot tub finishes You can give a personal touch to the inner lining of your own hot tub with a wide variety of colors.Before ordering asks for availability
  • You can insert into the slot of the hot tub a USB stick or MP3 player to listen to only the selected songs, or you can tune the radio to the preferred frequency. The quality of listening is at the highest level, thanks to the materials used and technological study on audio broadcasting.
  • WARNING * The colors and accessories are represented only for demonstration purposes and may vary according to availability. Specify your requests when ordering


Details: After a long day of fatigue and stress, nothing better than a good massage to recover a total well-being. Each blower nozzle has been specially designed and positioned to provide an optimal massage. From gentle to vigorous, as targeted in general: you can choose exactly the type of massage to be applied to your body to accommodate your needs and your desires. It is designed to comfortably accommodate 5 people, with 3 armchairs and 2 relaxing bed. The blower generates thousands of bubbles that rise to the surface, providing, of your choice, a powerful massage or voluptuous sensations. The relaxing massage is guaranteed by immisione jets of water, air and combined. As you immerse yourself in the pleasures of the whirlpool, you can enrich your experience leaving you enchanted by the bright spotlight diver effects of LED and tunes. All this you can manage it from the comfort of digital control panel located on the top edge of the tub. Hot, electric, romantic ... choose the desired atmosphere thanks to the various functions made ready. A pressure on the digital display button and will adjust the intensity of the LED projector. You can choose between 13 different colors and 7 different set of light entertainment programs with the ability to adjust the pace and intensity of the lights.The FA insulation (Felt Antibacterial), has marked a major milestone in terms of insulation. It consists of an antibacterial felt coated aluminum (thermos effect) of 6 mm thickness, which binds to the structure and the counter-plate with a Velcro system. In this way, this isolation system, provides quick and easy access to the pipes, while providing an acoustic and thermal insulation only to users of the hot tub.

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The Hot Tub SPA FLY is evocative, to say the least, but that's why you're drawn to it in the first place.

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