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GJM Shop Stainless Steel Toaster 2 Slice Household Mini Fully Automatic Breakfast Machine (Color : Pink)

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Brand: Unknown

Color: Pink


  • ★ 6-speed temperature control--7 different baking settings are selected according to your personal preferences, and the browning degree is effective to meet your personal preferences.
  • ★ Anti bread stuck protection,sometimes it is stuck due to excessive weight of the bread, etc. Press the stop button to turn off the power to avoid scorching or other accidents.
  • ★ Automatic bounce function---Times are on, it will automatically bounce up, no need to guard more worry.
  • ★ It adopts all-steel body, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • ★ Baking pass-voltage bar,press the pressure bar, the power is turned on, and the machine starts to work (warm reminder: when the machine is not powered, the button does not work, can not be pressed).

Publisher: GJM Shop


- Different gears are suitable for different ingredients and customers. The general bread is recommended to use 1-3 files. The 4-6 files are generally used to roast the ingredients with high moisture content, and when using the grill, use 5-6 files. Heat the whole bread and choose the method that suits your taste.

- Use it more than 2 times in a row. It is recommended to use it at intervals of 2 minutes. Allow the machine to cool down so that the bread you baked will be better.

With or without baking rack: None

With or without dust cover: None

Number of slots: 2

Timing gear: 6 files

Power: 750W and below

Function: Baking / Heating / Thawing

Bread Type: Toaster

Product size: 26.5*17*18cm

Bread card slot: 15*4cm

Rated voltage: 220V-230V

Rated frequency: 50Hz


CANCEL BUTTON--- During the baking process, press the Cancel button to stop baking at any time and bounce the bread.


REHEAT BUTTON--- After the baked bread has cooled, it can be heated again.


DEFROSTING BUTTON--- The bread that has just been taken out of the refrigerator can be thawed and then baked.


BAGEL BUTTON---Generally used when you need to bake bread on one side.


- When using for the first time, please preheat for more than 15 minutes to remove the protective oil from the oven.

- Do not cover the dust cover while heating.

- Our delivery time is 10-15 days, please wait patiently!

- Due to manual measurement, the product may have an error of 1-3cm, which is a normal phenomenon, please forgive me!

- Due to factors such as lighting, there may be some color difference in the product. Please refer to the actual product.

- We only sell toaster, other decorations are not for sale, please buy carefully!

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