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Epson Perfection V850 Pro A4 Flatbed Scanner with ReadyScan LED Technology - 6400 x 9600 dpi

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Brand: Epson

Color: Black, Metallic


  • Professional Quality Scanning - slides, film, medium format & prints
  • Dual Lens System - swaps between 6400dpi (for slides and film) and 4800dpi (for photos)
  • High Productivity - 1 second warm up time and two sets of film holders
  • Dynamic Range - accurately reproduces the tonal range and gradation of the original
  • Removes Imperfections - digital ICE technologies cleans-up old film and photos
  • Operation Temperature 5 degree celsius - 35 degree celsius and Storage Temperature -25 degree celsius - 60 degree celsius

Platform: No Operating System

Publisher: Epson

Release Date: 2014-10-22

Warranty: 1 year


Professional photographers and serious amateurs can reproduce their film and photos in high quality. Your photographs and films will have never looked so good with the latest V850 Pro scanner from Epson. Ideal for professional photographers and serious amateurs, this dual-lens, high-resolution scanner converts a wide range of media and film into superb digital images. It features an enhanced optical system to help create superior-quality images at fast scan speeds. This high-productivity scanner requires virtually no warm-up time and comes with two sets of professional-quality film holders to help you scan quicker. The V850 Pro can also remove dust and scratches automatically from photos and film and includes a professional software package to help you achieve outstanding results. The V850 Pro's dual lens system automatically selects the optimal lens for whatever media you are wishing to scan. With up to 4800dpi optical resolution for photo scanning and up to 6400dpi when scanning using film holders, high-quality results are guaranteed. Our new and improved professional-quality film holders now provide a greater degree of control and accuracy, as the height at which the film sits above the scanner bed can be finely adjusted to achieve the sharpest focus possible. The holders' rigid frames, combined with anti-Newton ring plates, also gives a flatter hold for further quality improvements. The V850 Pro comes with two sets of film holders, meaning you can prepare a second set of originals for scanning while the first is still scanning, increasing your productivity. Make sure your photos and film look their best without the painstaking effort of manual retouching. The technology also works on photos and even removes the appearance of creases and rips/tears to help your old photographs look as good as new again. Don't waste time waiting to start scanning.

Main Features

  • Slides, film, medium format and prints

EAN: 8956568976894

Epson Perfection V850 Pro A4 Flatbed Scanner with ReadyScan LED Technology - 6400 x 9600 dpi Reviews