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Animalmarketonline Garden Tool and Accessories Steel Wall Pool In Wood Claas with Swimming Pool Sand Filter with 360 x 120 cm – Stainless Steel

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  • Noble eye-catcher cozy appearance: The Real Solid Wood Includes the robust steel wall pool, equipped with a high quality PVC film for swimming pool with protective coating UV. moreover, the resistance is guaranteed by a effective protection against corrosion of tubular in acciaio. wood construction is noble and high-quality A Real Gem for any garden.
  • For the construction of Isidor wooden pools only selected materials are used, that ensure stability and longevità. the cover is made of solid fir wood and healthy.
  • The side of the pool is reinforced with a steel wall and the rim is supported by a broad steel frame for solid, stabilità. the inside of the pool is coated with high quality materials, UV and corrosion resistant, in order to give a permanent bathing.

Publisher: Animalmarketonline

Details: Details Internal dimensions Dimensions: Diameter 360 cm Height 90 cm 10990 litres (90% Load) 0.4 mm Material PVC coating with UV protective coating 16 cm steel reinforced with outer shell along the pool walls Width 0.4 mm steel frame with wood dried solid Spruce, designed and 20 cm of width Bevelled wooden frame along the edge of the pool thickness of Wall: 28 mm Sand Filter Pre-Filter for coarse corrosion contamination and storage Durable filter (Plastic) Power Supply 220 - 240 V 2006 litres/hour with a manometer (pressure gauge) head 360 girevolmente valve 6 stage built-in skimmer for automatic cleaning of wasseroberfläch head 3 different scale to select other for saltwater TÜV/GS Suitable for smooth surface - no foundations required

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