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Albatros VERONA dining chairs

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Brand: Albatros


  • 'The Verona chair set will add a touch of Italian in your dining room furniture arrangement. "Stylish and Practical Chronicle is extremely efficient features of the chair sets Verona.
  • The comfortable - these chairs are very comfortable. (the most important thing a high chair.)
  • Because these contemporary form with these chairs stand out last with practical details:
  • Material: Chrome-plated steel frame and faux leather case. Dimensions: see sketch
  • The chairs are adding her weight very light. (daily comfortable and great for children who) - Heavy Duty leatherette cover. (easily wipeable)

Publisher: Albatros International GmbH


The VERONA Chair SET gives your dining room some Italian flair! The features of the VERONA Chair Set are chic and practical.

Because, it's not just the modern shape of these chairs that will captivate you, it's their practical details too:

- Comfort: these chairs are lovely and comfy to sit on! (which is the most important thing about a new chair!)
- On the weight side of things, these chairs are really light. (comfy day to day and good for kids)
- Sturdy artificial leather cover. (easy to wipe)
- Material: steel frame and artificial leather.

Dimensions: see sketch

Warning! There are many similar copies on the market. But even if these chairs look exactly the same, they are made in a completely different factories and are not of the same quality as VERONA chairs.

Our VERONA chair was tested in 2015 by independent testing organisation SGS according to EN12520 and it got top marks for:

- Stability
- Durability
- Safety

The Albatros VERONA dining chairs is the yin, to your yang. You've found what you're looking for.

Inventory Last Updated: Jan 19, 2020

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