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If you are looking for a more natural look within your home or garden then rustic oak is perfect for you, the more modern craftsmen are making a wide range of rustic oak furniture from both historical and contemporary influences to suit many peoples desired tastes.

The rustic style furniture is coming back into fashion but was first developed in the mid-to late-1880’s. Being made with whatever materials could be found, often recycled and reclaimed materials such as recycled pallets. Back in the day the poorer members of society made rustic furniture to trade for food or money using two traditional construction techniques. 1-Twig- wood, using sticks either straight, curved or forked to arrange into personal designs to make decorative shapes. 2-Bentwood, Sticks steamed or freshly harvested so that they are supple enough to bend into different shapes then dried out making them harden and hold this shape. These often looked like a lack of craftsmanship was involved however, over the years we have grown to love this more natural rustic look.

The word “Rustic” comes from National Park Service Rustic Style or Architecture.

Rustic oak furniture is also associated with both the American Great Depression and The Great Camps, built by wealthy Americans in the Adirondack Mountains of New York which is when the Adirondack chair (also known as a Muskoka chair) originates from. Now very rare and usually only seen inside museums.

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