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Light oak wood is a beautiful widely used hard wood perfect for superior furniture as well as interior panelling and personalised floor designs. It is commonly used both within the home and as outside furniture as it is extremely durable and fungal-resistant. Having a density of 0.75 grams per cubic centimetre compared to pine wood containing only 0.43 grams demonstrates that oak can withstand a high amount of pressure compared to other commonly used woods.

Using light oak wood compared to darker shades of oak can make a room feel lighter and brighter, giving a more spacious persona. Using light furniture in rooms with darker features such as ceiling beams or floors can give the room a lovely contrast bringing out the best in both colours.

All of the above may be responsible for oak wood being the most wildly used hard wood world-wide. Although, out of the 600-different species of oak not all are ideal for making furniture. This is why all of our furniture is specially handpicked and selected to the highest standard.

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