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Interline 50700205 355 x 116 cm Round Bali Swimming Pool

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Brand: Interline

Color: beige


  • Wall of wooden beams
  • Heavy 70/100 mm thick foil
  • 29.5 cm wide top rail
  • Complete with sub liner. sand filter kit. filtering sand. skimmer and inlet fitting

Publisher: Interline

Details: The Interline Bali pool is a quality luxury pool for the whole family.This pool can be installed in or above ground.-

With an Interline Bali pool you can have years of carefree bathing pleasure.

Interline not only selects the best Nordic pine, but also creates a simple and robust design.This makes the Interline Bali pool easy to build and offers at least 10 years of bathing pleasure.

The wood of the Nordic pine from Interline Bali is known for its durability (class 4).Even in a humid environment, the wood remains in optimal condition for several years.The wooden beams are first dried to between 18 % and 22 %, so that it is possible to impregnate them with Class 4.Class 4 is a vacuum pressure impregnation whereby the impregnating agent is pressed deeply into the wood under pressure.

The wooden beams are impregnated without chromium.An additional advantage of this durable treatment is that it is not necessary to paint the wood and this is also good for the environment.In addition, the wood is FSC certified.

The pool walls have a thickness of 45 mm and provide a unique insulation and a long bathing season.You will also receive a 0.7 mm thick high quality foil to complete the perfect features of your pool.

The Interline Bali made of pine is constructed by simply stacking prefabricated wooden planks.

The tongue and groove connection at the bottom and top of the beams ensure optimal hold against the water pressure.With the oval pool, the lateral water pressure is carried by galvanised H-steel profiles.The ends of the beams are beautifully processed, this creates a wonderful appearance on the pool sides.This method is also used for coating the steel 'H' profile.-

EAN: 8717624306556

The Interline 50700205 355 x 116 cm Round Bali Swimming Pool is a sensational customer favorite, and we hope you like it just as much.

Inventory Last Updated: Nov 28, 2022

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