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Bosch VeroCafe Fully automatic espresso coffee machine Silver - TES50221GB

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Brand: Bosch


  • 1600W Power
  • 15 Bar Pressure
  • 1.7L Removable Water Tank
  • Auto-Off Feature

Publisher: Bosch

Details: The Bosch TES50221GB is perfect for all coffee lovers who don't just want a normal coffee but would rather have a coffee shop standard coffee at the touch of a button. Selecting your favourite coffee and the strength you wish to have it couldn't be easier, simply use the upper rotary selector to choose your favourite coffee and then use the lower selector to set the strength you require meaning you have plenty of options to find your favourite flavours. Once you have selected your preferences you can just simply leave the TES50221GB to the rest, with its intelligent heater inside you will always be guaranteed the perfect brewing temperature and the fullest aroma with the SensoFlow system. Thanks to the Milk Magic feature you will always have the perfect milk froth every time, The TES50221GB uses the automatic frother directly into your cup or glass which leads to perfect, extra-fine milk froth that will always sit beautifully on top of your drink. The height-adjustable outlet allows for freedom to create whichever coffee you feel like, you will always have space for even the tall macchiato glasses. The two cups selection option for espresso and coffee features two grinding and brewing processes - making coffee for two quick and simple. Thanks to the exceptional high-quality and durable grinder which is made from non-wearing ceramic, your coffee beans will be grinded consistently fine allowing for the full flavour of every bean to develop. The TES50221GB uses and incredible feature which allows you to enjoy the taste of your favourite coffees even more, the SinglePortion cleaning clears the pipes of any remaining water after each brewing process. This means you are guaranteed perfect indulgence and freshness with every cup of coffee. H:479mm X W:280mm X D:385mm Read our independent product review here!

EAN: 4242002816111

Bosch VeroCafe Fully automatic espresso coffee machine Silver - TES50221GB Reviews