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Toshiba 32L3753DB 32-Inch Smart Full HD LED TV with Built-in Freeview Play

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Do you know what has taken the world of televisions by a storm? Smart TVs! Everyone wants one. After all, there’s something exciting about knowing that the device that was once called the idiot box has become smart now! And, Toshiba has the perfect solution for those looking for an affordable smart TV.

 Smart TVs, equipped with modern technology, can be expensive. And, most people are compelled to think twice before spending a small fortune on one. However, the Toshiba 32L3753DB Smart TV does not burn a hole in your pocket!

 Features of Toshiba 32L3753DB Smart TV

 Let’s take a quick look at the features of this TV:

  1. Compact TV with a size of 32-Inch
  2. Offers easy access to the UK’s favourite DTT platform, Freeview
  3. High Definition LED TV screen for sharp images and vivid colour rendition.    
  4. Includes the Smart Portal of Toshiba, complete with multiple options of entertainment
  5. Smart TV that connects to the internet
  6. Dolby audio for an enhanced experience, every time

 This TV is Really Smart!

 The Toshiba smart TV is so smart that -

  1. You can turn on the eco-friendly mode for increased energy efficiency - and thus save on electricity bills every month

  2. It offers a dedicated Netflix button that acts as your doorway to the world of OTT entertainment

  3. You can stay connected with your friends at all times through your accounts of social media platforms

  4. It allows you to display the images on your phone or tablet through the process of screen-sharing

  5. You get access to all the latest videos, using YouTube and other popular video streaming apps.

One of the key features of this TV is the Smart Portal of Toshiba. That is where you will find all your options to access anything from Netflix to YouTube, from BBC Sports to Facebook!

Other Things We Love:

The list of things to love about this smart TV does not seem to end. Here are a few more features that will surely capture your fancy:

  1. It can double as a monitor for your PC.

  2. It’s an excellent choice if playing games is your thing.

  3. Its inbuilt speakers save extra wires and a cluttered space on your work desk.

  4. With multiple ports, you can connect it to any device, include the Amazon Firestick.

  5. It’s easy to set up, and you can enjoy amazing display and sound immediately after the setup.

 As long as your TV aerial is powerful enough for the TV to pick up a signal, you can use all the smart apps.


This Toshiba television is an excellent choice for people looking to invest in a smart TV for the first time. You can place it anywhere - in your own bedroom, or in the kid’s room - or even use it as a desktop monitor! This TV can be a cool addition to your home in every way!

The Toshiba 32L3753DB 32-Inch Smart Full HD LED TV with Built-in Freeview Play is far and away, one of our most popular items. People can't seem to get enough of it.

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