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Most Comfortable Memory Foam Mattresses

Crucial to getting a good night's sleep is having a comfortable bed to which to retire at dusk. If you often struggle to muster enough warmth at bedtime or suffer pain in your joints, you might want to swap out your regular sprung mattress for a memory foam mattress.

Mattresses of this type are so-called as they have a top layer of memory foam, a temperature-sensitive viscoelastic material which molds to the shape of your body and helps to warms it up. Here are some memory foam mattresses that are especially comfortable with the body's touch.

Inofia 3D Breathable Fabric Mattress

Memory foam mattresses - or just memory mattresses, as they are also called - are clever in construction and, for this reason, can deliver an unparalleled level of comfort for many people.

This particular choice is especially suitable if you have back pain. The 7-zone support system of pocket springs inside this mattress has been scientifically demonstrated to relieve back aches and pains through aligning the spine.

Visco Therapy Memory Foam and Reflex 3 Zone Rolled Mattress

This memory mattress is certainly easy on the eye, with fabric that stretches across the surface to create the look of a modern micro quilt. In total, its thickness measures 15 centimeters, two of which are due to the top layer of memory foam.

You don't have to fret that the elaborate design of this mattress could make it tricky to clean. The cover can simply be zipped off in preparation for dry cleaning.  

Silentnight Comfortable Foam Rolled Mattress

Silentnight is a big name in bedding, and it's not difficult to see why when you sink into this mattress. There's plenty of it to sink into, too, thanks to the generous depth of 14cm.

The mattress includes Miratex foam that supports it from edge to edge, while the soft knit cover provides further comfort. If you suffer from House Dust Mite Allergy (HDMA), rest assured that the featured Purotex technology can help you to keep allergic reactions at bay.

4FT Small Double 3D Breathable Fabric Mattress

Many memory mattresses do not completely do away with springs; in fact, they can often be described as sprung mattresses layered with memory foam. One good case in point is this mattress, which is actually of the wonderfully innovative "pocket spring" variety.

The construction of this mattresses includes individual fabric pockets that surround the springs and so absorb the shock, leaving the mattress feeling firmer as well as less prone to uncomfortable bouncing.

SIMPUR RELAX Luxury Soothing 11-Zone Mattress

If you have had issues with bedbugs, take comfort that this particular mattress is resistant to those nuisance critters. It's also a very environmentally friendly choice, due to its breathable fabric that comprises natural ecological fibers.

This mattress feels like the Rolls Royce of memory mattresses, with its 30 centimeters of depth and 11-zone support system. The mattress can also effectively regulate your body's temperature, therefore slashing the likelihood of you feeling uncomfortably cold or hot at any time of year.

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