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Why Oak Furniture?

Oak has been used in Britain for hundreds of year. Back in the 15th and 16th century is was widely used when building warships. Many of the iconic ‘man-of-war’ ships were built from this trusty timber. As well as being used for ships many of the UK’s iconic building were also built with Oak, many of which are still standing today. Many parts of the houses of common were built using solid Oak. Westminster Hall has the largest clearspan medieval roof in England, of which most of the Oak rafter came from Hampshire and Surrey in the South of England back in the 19th century. Quite impressive to think the table in your house is made of the same material used to build one of the UK most historic tourist destinations! Many of the UK’s stately homes boast Oak joinery, pillars and framework as you will see in the classic Victorian photographs.

Oak is still very common in construction. Many new and restored building will use Oak for paneling, flooring, doors, gates and internal features. It is used as a framework for new builds and restoring older buildings.

If the above doesn’t convince you that Oak Furniture is for life we aren’t quite sure what will. We are passionate about Oak and hope to share our passion with you. A wonderfully attractive and long lasting timber it is the perfect fit for any room in your home. It is also pretty easy to look after, take a look at our care page here.

Furniture Heaven gives you the opportunity to have a piece of British heritage in your home for low prices. Have a look at our Rustic Oak range for a traditional style, or our Light Oak range for a slightly more modern take on the traditional classic!