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What do your home and food preference say about you?

A person’s choice can divulge quite a lot about someone. It can depict what kind of a person they are, and this is extended to their choice of lifestyle including their food choices and how they decorate their houses. Eventually, a change in your décor is a sign of a growing and changing personality.

Houses especially reveal the aura of a person. The style and décor of a home express how energetic someone is, and how creative they are. The colours chosen by someone are telling of their personality. For example, bold colour like red depicts a daring and passionate nature. Green and yellows are chosen by energetic and cheerful people. They are telling of an adventurous personality and someone who loves the natural. This kind of colours helps elevate the mood.

Blue is considered a colour of elegance and depicts a sophisticated person. Purple is usually considered a sign of a sensual and charismatic self.

Colour doesn’t have to be glaringly in the face to depict a personality, your chosen style of furniture and what you want to display in your home is also very telling.

For example, if a house is furnished with puffy sofas and armchairs like those available on Furniture in Fashion, reveals a person who loves luxury and comfort. On the other hand, a leather sofa and minimal furnishings depict a laid-back person who cares more about functionality than anything else. In the same manner, the kind of lighting you use in your house can tell whether you have a soft and romantic personality or maybe an outdoorsy one. If your home is full of tech gadgets or books, it can reveal how you like to while away your relax time. A display of souvenirs is telling of a travelling personality.

A person’s choice and taste in food are generally dependent on their habits and culture, but even then, it is dominated by their personality. Per many studies, food choices can easily reveal your lifestyle. The choice between salty and sweet foods may not seem like a big deal to you, but it can tell a lot about you.

People who eat organic and home-made foods are obviously very health conscious and lead a simple life. Whether you’re more of a veggie person or a meat-lover, all choices relate to you as a person. People with a demanding routine are found to indulge more in fast food and easy to cook food.

The kind of food visible in your kitchen also depicts your personality. For example, what is most evident in your kitchen, fruits or snacks is a critical indicator of your food choices. The choice of drinks is also significant, the kind of wine a person chooses to have with dinner or if they choose a wine or a beer is also very telling. A sophisticated and traditional person will always choose wine, and the choice of wine can tell whether you’re a picky person or more laid-back.

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