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Looking after your Oak Furniture

Looking after your Oak Furniture

Where to keep your Oak Furniture - Ideally keep your furniture away from direct sunlight and direct sources or heat such as fireplaces or radiators. If you plan on putting things such as vases or ornaments on top of your furniture it’s a good idea to move them around every once in a while.

Keep it simple - Most of the time regularly dusting your furniture is enough to keep it looking great. If you’d rather use a damp cloth then that will do no harm at all. Just remember to dry it off when you are done.

Be careful with polish - Furniture Heaven Oak Furniture is finished with hand-wax or lacquer. As such, there isn’t much need for you to use Furniture polish. If you do decide to use a polish make sure it is high quality and used sparingly as cheaper polishes sometimes leave wax behind meaning the surface has a sticky feel to it. Also, double check that any product you is suitable for use on hardwood.

Waxing - Depending on how much you use your Oak Furniture you may want to use a furniture wax to restore protection. If you do, make sure it is a high-quality wax!

Watch out for spillages - If there is a spillage on your Oak Furniture don’t panic! Clean it up as soon as possible then wipe over it with a clean, damp cloth. Once that’s been done dry it off and it should be as good as new! You shouldn’t need to but you can use a furniture polish to restore the sparkle.

Use coasters/mats - Avoid placing drinks directly onto your furniture. By using coasters or mats to will avoid any unwanted marks!