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Ideas for a Traditional Home Style Decor

Traditional style decor is an expansive category that offers a comforting and classic feel to a home. It combines classic furnishings with symmetrical arrangements and rich colour schemes. Many interior designers have turned to traditional decor with a modern twist, working around 21st-century comforts to create an elegant space that throws out any potentially jarring elements and presents an aesthetic look. This doesn’t have to mean crystal chandeliers dangling from plaster ceilings or gilded mirrors perched above marble mantels; it can simply be the colour of the walls together with the design and position of the upholstery in a living room. Here are some great ideas for how you can decorate your home in a traditional style. 

Cosy fireplace

Nothing says classic, while at the same time adding so much ambience to a room, like a traditional fireplace. Not only will it add value to your property, but it will also lower your monthly utility bills during the cold months of the year. Fireplaces, particularly wood-burning ones, undoubtedly bring a natural element to your home, evoking a romantic, cosy atmosphere that can be enjoyed by simply throwing on a few logs in the evening. They are easy to use and require little maintenance, making them a great choice for transforming your home into a traditional living space. 

Robust radiators

Adding warmth to your home is vital in creating a comfortable place for you to live. With the winter sometimes seeming to drag indefinitely, keeping a warm house can be as important as good ventilation is in the summer. For a traditional revamp, opting for cast iron radiators is a must, as they provide a classic style on top of a lifetime guarantee thanks to their robust design. Warmrooms is a fantastic option when it comes to purchasing cast iron radiators, with sizes as little as 200mm wide, making them suitable for even the most narrow of spaces. 

Stylish bookcase

Combining a smooth blend of utility and aesthetics, a wooden bookcase is essential in creating a traditional style within your home. Whether mounted on a wall or standing proudly in the corner of the room, they offer an ideal means of saving space, organizing clutter, and displaying your favourite classics. Bookcases also function well in displaying other objects, such as ornaments, picture frames, and awards, as well as adding that cosy quality that can be found in so many homes boasting a period style of decor. A solid, wooden material is the best option for a classic feel, with mahogany and red oak the preferred choices. 

Ambient lighting

Finding the right light fixtures in a traditional style home is so important is because it can completely transform the whole ambience of your living space. Be it the addition of a brass lamp in the corner of the room or a whole new overhead light, getting lights to match the rest of the room is a tough task worth spending considerable time on. The best light fixtures for a classic design should generally be plain, and either ivory or white in colour.

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