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How to Choose the Best Oak Furniture

Whenever we buy anything we want it to run for all our foreseeable future. However, many things like electronics and other home appliances never run for more than a year or two. Although, furniture is one such home item that can last a lifetime if you choose it wisely. Quality oak furniture is furniture that usually lasts a life. It responds well to wax and polishing over the years but how to pick the best solid oak furniture. Let us help you in attaining that goal of yours.  

  1. What is oak? There is more than one kind of oak available. The most popular types of oak include solid oak, light oak and rustic oak. They differ to each other in grain. Oak has been known to be water proof and used for making ships. Therefore the furniture can be made for interior and exterior of your home. Different oak types give you different options and knowing them is best for getting the best deal.
  2. Why get oak furniture? Along with being beautiful, it is also durable and heavy hardwood. Oak furniture is more resolute than other hardwoods like mahogany. If you are prone to shifting furniture inside the room or due to shifting places, oak is the best thing for you. Oak furniture doesn’t get damaged easily. Oak furniture is one of the most popular furniture for these very reasons in the UK. It also has an aesthetic appeal which everyone wants in the UK lifestyle.
  3. What are you looking for? Some furniture is made of solid oak but some are just veneers. You need to look out for the best in your price range. Veneers are used to make low-grade oak look real. However, it is not long lasting or recommended. There are some hints that can help you get the best oak furniture. When in the store, look for oak that is well constructed. The furniture pieces should be locked together with no gaps in between the fastened parts. The furniture should be totally flat with no dents anywhere. The wood itself has a coarse texture; however, the furniture should be smooth all along. The grains can be felt easily over the finish as well.
  4. Quality vs. price: As explained before, oak furniture is a heavy investment. Therefore you need to really know what you need vs. what you can afford. Always ask before you buy about the wood used. The price changes if it is solid oak or veneered furniture. If you have the budget, go for well-constructed oak furniture. The best way to get the best quality for a lower price is by getting untreated oak furniture and getting the exact finish you want.
By following these simple tips you can get yourself the best deal your pocket can buy. Getting fooled in this area would cost you a lot of money upfront and more when you go out to buy furniture again. Be careful and let us help you find the best deal possible.

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