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7 Tips to Keep Your Home Clean and Organised

A clean and organised home is a delight. You will feel relaxed and happy when spending time in such an environment. Keeping everything clean and tidy also reduces stress, boosts productivity, reduces allergies, reduces risks of injuries and eliminates germs that can cause health issues. Additionally, it helps in keeping rodents and other harmful animals and insects away from your house. However, cleaning and organising is not a task many people look forward to. Below are some tips you can follow for easy cleaning and tidying up.

Know Where Everything Goes

The first step to a tidy house is to know where everything goes after use. Your kids will always leave their toys lying around the living room if you don’t have a specific storage space for them. You may have to add some new shelves, racks, cabinets and storage containers to get your house organised. Once everything is organised, make it a rule to put everything away after use. This not only keeps your house tidy but also makes it easier to find something. The rule should apply for pretty much everything in your house including clothes, toys, food, books, shoes, utensils and remotes.

Dispose What You Never Use

Too much stuff makes your house crowded and hard to clean. Therefore, consider giving away or selling items you never use. For the items you rarely use, you can pack them well and store them in the garage. And once you have gotten rid of all the clutter, avoid creating the same mess by buying things you already have or those you will never use.  

Have a General Clean-up Schedule

General cleaning can be done daily, a few times per week or once per week depending on who lives in the house. If you have kids and pets, you may have to vacuum daily. The best way to avoid missing general clean-up is to create a clean-up schedule indicating tasks, days and time. During the clean-up, you can motivate yourself by playing your favourite music or podcast.

Clean Dishes and Messes Immediately

Laundry can wait, but dishes and messes shouldn’t. When kids and pets spill something on the floor, clean it off immediately. Also, make it a habit to clean the table immediately after meals as you do the dishes.

Buy Cleaning Supplies in Advance

For easy cleaning, stock your house with the all the cleaning products you need. Remember, the product you use to clean the floor may not be suitable for your furniture. For your appliances and furniture, check whether the manufacturer has any specific recommendations for cleaning products. Using the wrong product can damage surfaces and therefore you should choose your products well.

Learn Proper Cleaning Techniques

Following good techniques will save you time, ensure everything gets cleaned properly, and prevent accidents and damage to your property. For instance, when cleaning the oven, if you don’t pay attention to the grease, you may end up with food poisoning. This Service Force article explains how to clean your oven properly without causing any damage, so follow the link for more info.

Hire a Professional Cleaner and Organiser

When everything at home seems chaotic and you are busy with work, consider seeking help from professional cleaners and organisers. Hire someone to declutter and do some general cleaning to get your house in order. You can hire someone to clean your house once per week or month. Also, you can consider a live-in housekeeper depending on your needs.

For your house to stay clean and organised, you need the input of everyone living with you. Therefore it is a good idea to ensure that they are all fully aware of the roles they should play to keep the house clean.

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