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6 Cleaning Tips to Follow When Home Staging

Are you planning to sell your home fast? If you want to make your property ready for showing, your first act would be to get it sparkling clean.

Many people tend to get overwhelmed when it comes to preparing a home for sale. You’ll want everything to look squeaky clean so that buyers will come rushing through your door. These six expert tips from a cleaning service in Dubai will help you remember which places you shouldn’t overlook as buyers will probably inspect everything.

 1. Start in the foyer

You need to establish a welcoming foyer so that buyers will feel comfortable walking in. Guests will spend some time here to look around and take in the surroundings. Remember, you need to make an excellent first impression so that buyers will proceed to go inside and view your entire home.

As you start cleaning your foyer, consider to:

  • Wipe off fingerprints.
  • Check for scuff marks along the bottom of the door or even the walls. If there’s too many marks or too much dirt, it’s about time to repaint them.
  • Wash the welcome mat or buy a new one.
  • Dust off lighting fixtures and make sure all light bulbs are working.
  • Pack away extra or unused items to make the room look spacious.

 2. Declutter the kitchen

For buyers who love to cook, they will have a special interest in the kitchen. Establish maximum buyer appeal and follow these tips when you declutter your cooking area.

  • Don’t forget to wipe down the cabinets. Food splatters and grease on cabinet doors and hardware are certainly unpleasant to look at.
  • Make sure to clean all kitchen appliances inside and out. Clean the stove hood, including the top and underneath. If you’re selling a fully furnished house, check that all appliances work just fine.
  • Clean underneath the sink, wipe down the pipes and take out everything that isn’t good for display. If you place some kitchen items in there, make sure they are in order.
  • Wipe kitchen blinds or shades and wash curtains to let in more natural light.
  • If possible, store and keep dishes, pet food, and other kitchen supplies out of sight.

 3. Deep clean the bathroom

Buyers are meticulous and will inspect the cleanliness of your bathroom. There are many common missed areas in the bathroom, and you wouldn’t want to make the same mistake. Here’s what you should remember:

  • Since decluttering the bathroom is crucial, you should only have necessities on display. However, in home staging, anything you can put out of sight is so much better.
  • Make sure to clean the fittings, pipes, as well as behind the toilet and underneath the sink thoroughly.
  • If you have broken or missing plastic bolt covers on toilets, find time to replace them.
  • Organize and clean under the vanity to make the bathroom appear spacious.
  • Scrub the floors well and don’t forget to include the grout lines.
  • Remove personal items in the bathroom. If there are items that need to remain, neatly store and organize them. A shower caddy may come in handy in keeping things in one place.
  • Keep the floor free from dirty clothes and towels. Towels should be on hooks or rods while clothes go in the hamper.
  • Remove any prescriptions or medicine to a safe location.

 4. Use fresh linen and bright colors in the bedroom

The bedroom is the place a person rests his body and soul. You would want to make the room feel as comfortable and welcoming as possible to buyers. For that to happen, you can integrate bright colors to give off a positive vibe. Fresh linens are a must, also, don’t forget to:

  • Wash or dry clean your curtains and rugs
  • Remove stains on fabrics, if it’s impossible, buy a new one
  • Wipe down all the bedroom furniture
  • Remove all dirty laundry and store them in a basket in the laundry room
  • Keep toys or clutter in containers and corral them in one area

 5. Minimize the amount of furniture in the living room

The living room is often the highlight of a house. Keeping this in mind, you’ll have to declutter the living room and minimize your furniture to make it look airy. As you stage your property’s living room, take these few points into account.

  • Remove personal items like photos and mementos.
  • Clear off bookshelves and tables, and leave only a couple of accessories.
  • Remove smaller pieces of furniture and keep large ones that make a statement. In most cases, this will include a coffee table, a sofa, and a chair or two.
  • Create a natural focal point. For instance, you can add a mantle and arrange the seating around it.
  • Draw light into the living room by adding a couple of table lamps.
  • Don’t hide your windows behind heavy curtains or drapes. Window treatments should be simple so that a good amount of natural light can come through. You can try placing a mirror directly across a window to reflect the light and make the living room look bigger.

 6. Do a smell test

Before you start letting buyers in, do a smell test to ensure nothing will discourage your guests. Invite somebody, either a family member or a friend who doesn’t live in your home. Let them walk in the door and breathe in the smell of your home.

Whether it’s your air freshener, cooking spices, or pet, all sorts of odors can make your property off-putting to buyers. Make sure to find the source of the awful smell and eliminate it before putting your home for sale.  

Clean with the buyer in mind

Each individual has a unique perspective of a “clean” home. What may seem clean to you may not appear shipshape to potential buyers. You must put yourself in buyer’s shoes to make a successful sale during home staging.

Anyone who walks in your front door should be able to imagine their own items in the space. This can be quite hard for buyers, especially if your personal items are still filling it. Try to remove any evidence of you from the property you’re trying to sell.

Cleaning is no doubt a cumbersome task. If you think you can’t handle it on your own, ask friends or family members for help, or better yet, hire a full-time or part-time helper. You may be in a rush to sell your home fast, but that doesn’t mean you have to stress yourself with all the cleaning that needs to get done.

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