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5 small kitchen ideas to help you maximise space

It’s easy for many homeowners to presume that a small kitchen is restrictive, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Not only can small kitchens be less expensive and stressful to use, maintain and keep clean, for example, but they can also be much more functional than you might presume.

Here are just some of the ways you can make better use of the space your small kitchen provides.

Choose light over darker colours

Lighter colours such as whites, vanillas and even lighter shades of blue, yellow and grey can help to give your kitchen a more ‘open’ look.

Darker colours aren’t necessarily a ‘no no’, but we’d suggest that you use them below eye level or as accent touches. Horizontal surfaces such as worktops and floors absorb a particularly great amount of natural light, so it’s best to keep to light colours for these.

Make the most of unconventional walls or spaces

An unusually angled wall or corner may seem useless, but all manner of solutions now exist that enable you to make an awkward space more functional and interesting – such as the Covas cream white round kitchen table that you can purchase through Furniture Heaven. 

Alternatively, you might consider narrow shelves and cupboards for such tricky spaces. The cupboards could incorporate pull-out shelves for the stacking of cooking essentials, while a few skinny shelves could give you a convenient place to store smaller items like glasses and mugs.

Provide a high level of illumination

Your kitchen is likely to look more spacious when it receives a good level of light, instead of entire areas being shrouded. That’s why you should keep any plants or ornaments away from windows and sills, to ensure as much natural light as possible can reach the space.

If it’s difficult to introduce more natural light to your kitchen, it’s worth bearing in mind the wide range of artificial lighting options out there, including natural daylight bulbs that are specially designed to emulate the level of illumination actual daylight provides.

Incorporate reflective surfaces

Not only light colours, but also glossy and reflective surfaces – such as on cupboard doors and appliances – can assist in making your kitchen look bigger. This is due to the light hitting such items and being reflected across a room and onto other surfaces, which gives the illusion of a larger space.

Glass or mirrored splashbacks and wall units with glass-fronted doors can obviously be helpful here, but so can such easily-overlooked potential kitchen additions as Songmics’ adjustable oval bar stools with their grey faux leather and chrome base.

Opt for smaller and combined kitchen appliances

Space can also be freed up in a small kitchen by choosing multi-functional appliances such as a combined microwave oven instead of a separate microwave and oven, or a washer-dryer as an alternative to a separate washing machine and tumble dryer.

Ensuring these appliances are streamlined and built into your kitchen space can further help to make your kitchen look bigger. Bear in mind that there are many smaller appliances on the market that have been specifically designed for the size, practicality and safety requirements of smaller kitchens.

Why not browse Furniture Heaven today for the latest and most stylish kitchen furniture options from some of the UK’s most respected and popular furniture brands? We’ll help you to get more out
of your small kitchen!

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