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5 Furniture Solutions For A Smaller Space

When you have a smaller room, it’s easy to think of it as restrictive – but you shouldn’t feel like you have to compromise. Instead, think of it as opening up a world of possibilities for your quirky and inventive side. A smaller space means you have to think outside the box; a shelving unit which doubles as a desk, perhaps, or a pull-down bed which has shelving rails attached underneath.

It’s all possible, luckily, and here are just a few handy tips to get you started.

The Storage Unit

It may sound obvious, but a lot of people forget the various shapes and sizes of storage units you can get these days. Most come in individual pieces so you can build and create the shape you want to fit your room. Maybe something which needs to curve into a corner, or something which needs to fit around a window, even; whatever you need, it is out there.

A Cosy Nook

If you have an awkward alcove that you don’t know how to manage, or maybe even a bay window space, make use of it by stacking your needs. You could have a cushioned window seat on top of storage drawers or a desk in the window with a gap underneath.

Make the most of space by working upwards rather than outwards into the room.

Lose What You Don’t Need

Instead of opting for the whole package deal – a large wardrobe, for example, or a bulky TV stand – use only what you need. Try a freestanding rail to hang your clothes on, or put the television on a bracket on the wall instead of on another piece of furniture that doesn’t really need to be there.

If you have freestanding lamps cluttering the room, try a wall light instead, or even just a brighter roof light to illuminate the place better.

Foldaway Furniture Is Your Friend

If you have a room with limited space, perhaps used for a home office or a child’s bedroom, you don’t want to be climbing over furniture to get into the room. Try making small changes like a fold-down chair and table to prop against the wall when it’s not in use; this is better than a heavy desk chair on wheels that’s always guaranteed to be in the way, or a freestanding desk taking up too much room.

What’s more, you can check out these cool ideas from modern furniture Miami based experts if you need a visual aid.

Try Blinds Instead Of Curtains

Particularly the kind which fit inside the window space rather than over the edge of it. If you have a room with limited space, a curtain rail with heavy drapes will be cutting into space you could otherwise use.

Not only that, but it’ll make it feel like there’s less room than there actually is. By using a simple blind set against the window, it’ll make the room feel much bigger, and you’ll have the area around the window to use for another purpose.

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